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Hi, I'm Mithun

I am a UX / UI & Product Designer with over 6 years of diverse experience in creating simple and delightful experiences on mobile and web-based applications. In my 6 years of experience I have worked with both new and existing businesses in order to best meet their users experience through their platform giving users a simple, stress free experience and excellent user satisfaction.

In July 2014 I completed my BSc (Hons) in Computer Science which I had received an Upper Second Class (2.1) Classification with modules which included user experience.

Along with my experience in UX / UI & Product Design I have a very technical approach to understanding applications as a whole with experience in understanding programming languages, product ownership with experience of coming up with new features, working with API’s, troubleshooting whist engaging my creative side at all points, so I guess you can call me a somewhat ‘jack of many trades’.

In my free time away from a computer I like to dabble in DIY, play snooker / pool, go to the gym, and meet and socialise with my friends.